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Clean water and a good book

Today the worthy Hong Kong Free Press published an article I started back in the summer: Independent research finds Hong Kong beaches more contaminated than government says.

It explains how HKU student researchers used WHO-approved methods to test the cleanliness of beach water, finding high levels of fecal bacteria at sites to which the Environmental Protection Department, which uses an older standard, had given the all-clear.

It was originally a science reporting exercise which focused on the research methodology, but I always felt the underlying issue was important and wanted to see it as a news story, which it became once the research was accepted by a scientific journal.

It was great to do a story on an issue I really care about and meet some cool people along the way, like marine biochemistry professor Dave Baker and his team.

Also, on the weekend I received my author copy of Halsbury’s Tort. Here it lies resplendent. It may have only been a three-yearly update and rewrite knocked out at the tail end of the summer, but it’s more than five times the length of a PhD thesis. Food for thought…


Upping my pun game

I’ve been doing my bit to keep alive the newspaper tradition of punny headlines in my recent stories:

(paywalled / limited free views)

Video production

Here are a couple of short videos I’ve made in recent weeks. Enjoy!


The aircraft collector  (video with text)

A gentleman who collects airplane components and aviation memorabilia and uses them to decorate his home.


Life and death on Po Toi  (video with narration)

One of Hong Kong’s wildest outlying islands is being tussled over by villagers, conservationists and a columbarium developer.


Recent reporting – a mixed bag

Reporting-wise, I’ve had quite a diverse past week or so.

Poking around in different sectors:

And sometimes looking at the big picture:

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Halsbury’s Tort is off to print

After dominating my September writing schedule and consuming a fair chunk of October, the 2015 edition of Tort is finally out the door!

This book is part of Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, a legal encyclopaedia which comprehensively describes Hong Kong law in 50 print volumes (and online). Tort is a broad classification containing a range of legal actions including negligence (personal injuries and other harm caused by careless conduct), trespass (to land and to people, the non-criminal form of assault), nuisance (where one’s property is interfered with by another’s), defamation (words that damage a person’s reputation) and more.

Proofreading was fairly fraught, as I should’ve expected from a book of almost 1000 pages undergoing a three-yearly revision, but it’s a good feeling to have completed a major rewrite and update on one of my favourite areas of law.

Subscribers can expect to receive the new volume by the end of the year. As for me, I might stick to projects involving less than half a million words for the next couple of months.

There’s a system, I swear