Halsbury’s Tort is off to print

After dominating my September writing schedule and consuming a fair chunk of October, the 2015 edition of Tort is finally out the door!

This book is part of Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, a legal encyclopaedia which comprehensively describes Hong Kong law in 50 print volumes (and online). Tort is a broad classification containing a range of legal actions including negligence (personal injuries and other harm caused by careless conduct), trespass (to land and to people, the non-criminal form of assault), nuisance (where one’s property is interfered with by another’s), defamation (words that damage a person’s reputation) and more.

Proofreading was fairly fraught, as I should’ve expected from a book of almost 1000 pages undergoing a three-yearly revision, but it’s a good feeling to have completed a major rewrite and update on one of my favourite areas of law.

Subscribers can expect to receive the new volume by the end of the year. As for me, I might stick to projects involving less than half a million words for the next couple of months.

There’s a system, I swear